Imaging CDN and CBIR storage

We make your app faster and smarter through your images

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Storing images is a complex task and a common single point of failure of your bussines.

Forget about backups, shared file systems, and in house data replication systems; we provide you with a fast, scalable and data-redundant storage for your images.

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Make your app faster delivering your images to your users through our worldwide Imaging Content Delivery Network.

Avoid wasting CPU and storage resources generating different offline versions of your images that will change in the future;

Our Imaging CDN with 20+ filters allows you to produce your desired version for any device in real-time.

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We provide deep learning and state-of-the-art computer vision tech to make your app smarter through your images.

With a simple yet powerful API on top of ElasticSearch you can store any data as bounded boxes of your images while our AI annotate them to make the most powerful search ever combining Full Text Search and Visual Search.

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Outstanding E-commerce Demo

CBIR storage

Visual Search

Click an image to find similar shoes based on shape, texture and colors.

Imaging CDN

All the images are served by our Imaging CDN. Try some filters in real-time.


  • Full Text Search and Visual Search combined to provide an awesome search experience.
  • "Cold" Recommendation Engine based on visual features and stored data.
  • Faster app worldwide; all the images are closer to the users.
  • Better CPU and storage resources usage; all different versions of the images for any device are generated on real-time.
  • No other backend storage is needed. This app has been completely done using our storage on top of ElasticSearch.

Deep learning image annotation

Use Cases


Increase loading speed for your worldwide users and improve your CPU and storage resources usage.


Provide next generation e-commerce experience. From visual search to crossed or "cold" recommedation engines.

Augmented Reality

Our visual search is perfect. No other backend is needed.


Engage your audience targeting related content to what they see.

Curation and Sanitization

Make simpler access your content through automatic organization. Clean up duplicated or nearly duplicated images if you don't need them.

Spam and Fraud Moderation

Monitor your user submited images to detect spam or fraud. Text usually changes images do not.

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