Tagging, Auto-Tagging and Visual Search

How does it works?

imagenii uses several computer vision and machine learning technologies to create a document that represents the image. That document is then stored in a ElasticSearch cluster.

Any other image can be searched against the stored images using the visual search endpoint, combining visual search and full text search.


Your images get automatically annotated with our intelligent annotator. Deep-learning and state-of-the-art computer vision techniques ready to crunch your images.

Visual Search Pipeline

We don't think that there is just one solution for every single visual search. We have developed a pipeline that combines transparently several approaches to perform the most accurate and amazing visual search.

100% Scoring

While other visual solutions give you no scoring at all, we understand that to create an unattended program that takes decisions based on image similarity a proper score has to be given. We give a probabilistic confidence, because that's what a human understands.

Built on top of ElasticSearch

Our storage is built on top of ElasticSearch; perform any search or aggregation using the ElasticSearch's DSL combining tags with visual features. Enjoy the power of discovering!

Blazing Fast

Our Visual Search can find similarities or perform object matching for millions of images in a fraction of a second.

Horizontal Scaling

Our storage can grow as much as you need and can be replicated as many times as you need, and of course, your can search simultaneously across all your units.

Storage Features

Data protection

Let us take care of your data. We replicate and make backups of your data to keep it safe.

SSD storage

We are serious in making your images really fast.

Fast Network

Our network is a first class Tier-1 Bandwidth Private Network for fast communication between the nodes of our cluster;

Expiring objects

For images you don't need indefinitely, set an expiration time, and the objects will be deleted automatically.

Data sanitization

Our storage has been designed specially for images; rely on our visual based id to not store the same image twice.


Our support team is working 24x7x365 to keep your data available all of the time.

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