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· 8 cents per GB CDN Bandwidth
· 50 cents per GB of monthly processed images
  • $10 credit to try the service, risk-free, no credit card needed!
  • Super fast global delivery via CDN
  • Access to our slick image processing operations
  • Dashboard with analytics to track your usage
  • Monthly billing with secure credit card payments


Ask about custom volume rates or custom needs.

· Ask us for high volume rates.
· No minimum contract duration needed.
  • Adjusted to your needs
  • Plug your CDN
  • Service Level Agreement for uptime

Price Calculator


This part of the pricing is similar to a CDN pricing, you are charged for the bandwidth consumed every time your transformed images are accessed.


This subtotal is related to your processing requirements and depends on the parameters listed below. This price represents the worse processing scenario since it's unlikely that all of your images versions be hit in the current billing cycle.

Master Images:
Average Image Size:
Number of Versions:

Total Bill:

Frequently Asked Questions


We accept any credit, or debit, cards.

There are NO long-term contracts or commitments to sign. We charge monthly and you can cancel your contracted resources at any time.

Your billing cycle starts the day you sign up for the service, for example if you sign up February the 20th your first bill will be on March the 20th.
Don't worry, the first month you will only be charged if you use more than the $10 credit we give you to try the service.

You will be charged only for what you used up to this point, the last invoice will be generated at the end of the billing cycle.

Charges estimation

Images that are processed by our image processing platform, including fetching, applying specified filters and caching the result. Any different processing you do to original images is a processing operation, for example:

The image size for is 52.9 KB
If you apply these three operations in that image: 12.1 KB 4.0 KB,h=180) 9.2 KB

You would pay 52.9 KB source image x 3 operations = 158.7 KB of processing and 12.1 + 4.0 + 9.2 = 25.3 KB of CDN bandwidth.

Processed images are cached, by default 1 month, but you can control how much time you want to cache results using the TTL params. While the cache is valid for a specific URL you don't pay for the processing step when your users render that URL. What this means is that, in practice, you will only pay for the first time you use a filter on a source image every month.

1 source of images, for example, an Azure Blob Storage container.
· You have 30,000 images in your container, occupying 15GB storage.
· You process 20,000 images monthly, assuming a uniform distribution, 500kB per source image, a total of 10GB
· You apply 2 resizes and 1 smart crop to every accessed image monthly, large: 150kB, small: 40kB, cropped: 100kB
· You use our default TTL of 1 month to cache derivative images.
· You have 1,000 visitors daily and each one renders 200 different images in their 3 different outputs.
Costs calculation with those example numbers:
- Processing:
Remember, cache TTL is 1 month, so only 1 processing per derivative will be paid.
10GB for 20,000 images x 3 applied filters = 30GB * 0.50 = $15
- Bandwidth:
30,000 monthly visitors x 200 images per visit x ( 150kB + 40kB + 100kB ) = 1740GB * 0.08 = $139.20

So your bill for that example of usage would be $154.20.

This is one of the possible costs scenarios, but your usage profile can be quite different. For example, other users can have lots of super small derivatives (thumbnails) views, like some travel agencies or e-commerce stores. In these cases, your processing costs will be higher than those associated with the bandwidth.

The good news is that, if you don't know what your profile is yet, you can try our service for free and measure your usage!


We take security very seriously.
To prevent URL tampering and protect your bandwidth, every call can be authenticated with an SHA-1 HMAC token. Authentication can be enabled in the control panel under the section Account -> Security (more info here).

No, most of our customers want to be able to use their current storage so we act as a proxy. You can use as many different origins as you want in every account.

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